Communication Disorders

Communication disorder is a neurobiological disorder wherein a person has difficulty with speech, communication, language or a combination of these. It can affect how a person receives, send, process and understand concepts. Because of unawareness, parents overlook the symptoms in their child. It is vital to be aware of neurodevelopment disorder and determine whether a child meet the requirements for a communication disorder. It is very important for parents to recognize and address communication disorder with their child, family member or friend otherwise; it may result in isolation, depression, low self-esteem and loss of independence.


  • Misuse of words
  • Inability to comprehend messages
  • Inability to communicate thoughts in an understandable way
  • Repetitive sounds
  • Difficulty using the right word while speaking
  • Stuttering


In communication disorders, early intervention is very important by parents. Homoeopathy treatment begun during the pre-school years turns out to be more result-oriented. Early skills which are needed for normal speech and language development can be studied or evaluated. We recommend assistive therapy only for those children whose cases are a little more complex or attention-seeking than others. Parents are very aware of Communication Disorder because of which they often neglect, overlook or perceive the symptoms as learning problem or slow growth in children. Children suffering with Special Learning Disorder are often subject to stigma and discrimination. For a more informed approach on Special Learning Disorder (ASD), its consultation and treatment with natural, result-oriented homoeopathy medication, book an appointment with Dr. Samrat and Dr. Shuchi Singh.